Basalt Portrait of Francis Hamilton Wedgwood

Basalt Portrait of Francis Hamilton Wedgwood

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A black basalt portrait medallion of Francis Hamilton Wedgwood, in an ebonised wooden frame. This is exceptionally well detailed and it is marked, under the shoulder “F.H.W 1925”. Francis Hamilton Wedgwood lived from 1867 to 1930. He was the eldest son of Clement Wedgwood and great, great grandson to the potter Josiah Wedgwood. He became managing director of Wedgwood in 1916. The reverse of the plaque in unmarked but, as you can see from the image, there is some serious firing damage. It is likely that it was marked in this section but the mark was lost in the firing of the plaque, due to the thickness of the pot. Otherwise the piece is in good condition. 

Dimensions: Plaque: Height 18cm. Width 13cm. Overall dimensions of frame: Height 22.3cm Width 17.3cm Depth 4.8cm.

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