Bronzed and Gilded Perfume Bottle

Bronzed and Gilded Perfume Bottle

Code: F18476


W: 4.2cm (1.7")H: 7.2cm (2.8")D: 1.2cm (0.5")


An exceptionally fine, Wedgwood basalt perfume bottle. This piece is unmarked but it is, without a doubt, made by Wedgwood. It isn't marked because there is nowhere on the item where a mark could have been impressed without spoiling the  decoration. It is decorated, in relief,  with classical subjects to either side and fine borders and garlands of flowers. All of the relief decoration is then bronzed and gilded. This type of work is quite rare and it was  very expensive to produce. The finished effect is quite charming. The screw cap is a replacement. We have had it made to fit. It is sterling silver which has been gilded. This is probably what it would have had originally although the original one was missing when we purchased the perfume bottle. The piece dates from c.1870 and it is in excellent condition.
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