Engine Turned Basalt Vase

Engine Turned Basalt Vase

Code: F18461


H: 19.7cm (7.8")Di: 13.8cm (5.4")


A  most unusual, Wedgwood basalt vase with engine turned decoration. This piece has an impressed mark 'WEDGWOOD' with a separate 'ETRURIA ENGLAND' and this dates the vase to c.1895. There is also a letter 'A' which would be the workman's mark. The body of the vase has a central band which is plain and on this are two ram's heads. Above and below this band the vase has a fine, engine turned design. This is done with the use of a potters tool and is done when the vase is on the potters wheel and the pot is in a soft state. There is a further, but different, design of this type to the foot. The piece is in excellent condition and it is very good quality. 
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