Large Basalt Jardiniere

Large Basalt Jardiniere

Code: F18440


H: 20cm (7.9")Di: 22.2cm (8.7")


A large, Wedgwood, black basalt jardiniere. This piece is marked 'WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND' and it dates from c.1920. It also has an impressed number 6 or 9  depending on which way up you look at it. The jardiniere is decorated, in relief, with Apollo and five of the Muses, standing beneath garlands of grapes and vines which hang from lions heads. To the rim is a narrow border of flowers. All of the reliefs are good quality and the piece is in excellent condition. There is just some very light staining to the interior which is the result of limescale in the water. This is a very usable size.
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