Pair of Wedgwood Auro Basalt Vases

Pair of Wedgwood Auro Basalt Vases

Code: H21181


A super pair of Wedgwood auro basalt vases. Auro basalt was the name given by Wedgwood for this style of heavy, raised gilded decoration on a basalt body. Each vase has an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark and one is also incised with the pattern number “S443X”. They date from c.1870. This was one of the periods in the potteries history where they experimented with unusual bodies and decorations which were quite different to their usual productions and, due to this, many of this type of production were limited to small numbers and are now relatively rare. There is a slight difference in the height of the vases but this is probably due to sagging in the kiln.

The slightly shorter vase is 23.3cm high by 12 cm diameter and it is in excellent condition. 

The taller vase is 23.7cm. high by 11.8cm. diameter. There is some loss to the raised decoration which can be seen in the images. There is also some miss firing which has resulted in the gilding bleeding onto the basalt.

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