Pair of Wedgwood Basalt Sphinxes

Pair of Wedgwood Basalt Sphinxes

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A pair of early 19th century, Wedgwood black basalt Sphinxes. These are both marked “WEDGWOOD” and they date from c.1820. They are also impressed with a small ‘0’ which could be a workman’s mark. Wedgwood produced a few different models of Sphinx, based on both the Egyptian and the greek forms. These are the most simple form that Wedgwood produced but they are quite delightful in their simplicity. They are well modelled and the left hand of the pair is marginally smaller then the right hand. 

The left hand is in excellent condition and measures 15.3cm. long by 5.3cm. wide by 9.3cm. high. 

The right hand measures 15.6cm. long by 5.5cm. wide by 9.6cm. high. A piece has been broken from the base and re-glued. This can be seen in the images.

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