Portrait medallion of Carolus Linneaus

Portrait medallion of Carolus Linneaus

Code: G20036


A fine quality Wedgwood black basalt portrait medallion of Carolus Linneaus. This is marked, to the reverse, ‘Wedgwood & Bentley’ and dates from c.1775. Under the relief of the bust it is impressed ‘LINNEAUS’. Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist, natural historian and physician who formalised “binomial nomenclature”, the modern system of naming organisms.

The plaque is exceptionally well moulded with superb detail. The relief was taken, by Flaxman, from and unsigned medal of which there is an example in the British Museum. There is no mention of this being produced in jasper until 1777 but there were earlier versions in basalt and the model appears in Wedgwood’s catalogue for 1779. It is in excellent condition.

It is set into a period ebonised frame with a gilt inner border.

Dimensions: Plaque  Height: 8cm Width 6.5cm. Frame: Height 19.5cm Width 17cm. Depth 2.5cm.

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