Portrait medallion of Charles Pratt

Portrait medallion of Charles Pratt

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A fine quality Wedgwood black basalt portrait medallion of Charles Pratt. This is marked, to the reverse, ‘Wedgwood & Bentley’ and dates from c.1775. Under the relief of the bust it is impressed ‘LD.CAMDEN’. Charles Pratt, who lived from 1714 to 1794 was the first Earl of Camden. He was an eminent lawyer, judge and Whig politician. As a lawyer he was made  Attorney General in 1757, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in 1761 and Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain in 1766. He was a leading proponent of civil liberties championing the rights of the jury and limiting the powers of the State. 

The plaque is exceptionally well moulded with superb detail. The relief is taken from a medal by Thomas Pingo of 1766 and appears in Wedgwood’s catalogue for 1779. It is in excellent condition.

It is set into an ebonised frame with a gilt inner border.

Dimensions: Plaque  Height: 10cm Width 7.8cm. Frame: Height 18.5cm Width 16cm. Depth 4cm.

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