Rare, Wedgwood, Encaustic Crater Vase

Rare, Wedgwood, Encaustic Crater Vase

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A rare, 18th century, Wedgwood black basalt crater vase with encaustic decoration. This is marked “WEDGWOOD” and it also has a small, impressed, workman’s mark which is known as the moustache mark due to its’ shape. It dates from c.1790. The wide, two handled form, known as a crater vase, has a pierced outer cover. Originally there would have been an inner cover and the vase was dual purpose. One use was for potpourri. The inner lid would cover the potpourri and would only be removed when you wanted the perfume from the potpourri to fill the room. Without the inner lid the vase could be used as a large rose bowl. 

The vase is beautifully decorated, with Grecian designs, in iron red and white. Wedgwood patented his technique of simulating encaustic decoration, a mixture of kaolin clay slip and enamel, in 1769. In his 1777 trade catalogue Wedgwood said that his pigments were invented “not only…to imitate the Paintings upon Etruscan Vases, but to do much more; to give the Beauty of Design, the Advantages of Light and Shade in various colours: and to render Paintings durable without the Defect of a varnished or glassy Surface”. 

To me the encaustic decorated pieces created by Wedgwood in the 18th century were among his finest productions.

Condition: There is staining to the interior of the vase but it is in perfect condition, with no damage or restoration.

Dimensions: Height 19.5cm. Width 33.5cm. Diameter 23.2cm.

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