Wedgwood Basalt Model of a Bulldog

Wedgwood Basalt Model of a Bulldog

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A Wedgwood black basalt figure of a bulldog designed by Ernest Light. In 1914 Ernest light designed a series of figures for Wedgwood which were produced in black basalt. They included the bulldog, a cat, a poodle, an elephant and various birds. The original series all had glass eyes in varying colours. The series were reproduced in the 1930’s but this time the eyes were moulded into the figures and the quality was not as good as the originals. This example is from the original series, it is marked “WEDGWOOD”, has small, brown and white glass eyes, and dates from c.1915. The modelling is very naturalistic and the piece is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Length 12.5cm. Height 6.8cm. Width 5cm.

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