18th Century Coffee Can depicting Gemini

18th Century Coffee Can depicting Gemini

Code: J22149


A fine quality, 18th century, Wedgwood jasper dip coffee can. This is marked “WEDGWOOD”, along with a large letter “A”, and it dates from c.1790. The letter A is a workman’s mark. It was part of a large tea and coffee service, most of which is decorated with the signs of the Zodiac. We have split the service and are selling all items individually. Many other items can be seen on our website. 

The can is decorated with a wide band of scrolls and flowers and there is a central cartouche depicting Gemini, the twins. Both the white jasperware and the relief decoration are of the finest quality, typical of the eighteenth century. It is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Diameter 6.4cm. Height 6.4cm. 

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