18th Century Wedgwood Saucer

18th Century Wedgwood Saucer

Code: Z22416


An 18th century, Wedgwood, blue jasper dip saucer. This has an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark and it dates from c.1790. It is also impressed with a large letter ‘A’ which would be a workman’s mark. It is decorated, in white relief, with a wide band of scrolls and flowers between fine leaf and flower borders. All of the reliefs are exceptionally fine quality as you would expect from a piece of this period. Unfortunately there is no longer a cup to go with this saucer but it does work quite well with the cup which is also in this category with the stock number Z22414 but they are from different services. 

It is in excellent condition and it is a nice example of 18th century jasperware.

Dimensions: Diameter 15.3cm. Depth 3.3cm.

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