Fine Wedgwood Portland Vase

Fine Wedgwood Portland Vase

Code: H21393


A fine quality example of Wedgwood’s Portland Vase. This is a full size (10 inch) example with the “Phrygian Cap” relief to the base. There is also an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark to the base. After the original, and very limited, run in the 18th century there is no reliable record of the Portland Vase being made in solid jasperware until 1845, due to firing problems. Jasper dip versions, with the white stoneware body and coloured dip glaze, were made from 1836 in a variety of colours and sizes and this is an early example of such, dating from c.1840. The reliefs are all exceptionally fine quality and have a beautiful translucency, and the matt glaze is a good, rich shade of blue.

The piece is in excellent condition. There are two small areas, on one of the handles, where the glaze has not covered fully but this is due to the thinness of the glaze and is not a fault. 

Dimensions: Height 25.5cm. Diameter 20cm.

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