Miniature jug & bowl set

Miniature jug & bowl set

Code: G20126


A miniature, Wedgwood, dark blue jasper dip jug and bowl set. Both pieces are marked “WEDGWOOD”, although the mark on the jug is quite faint. The bowl is also impressed with a number ‘3’ which relates to its’ internal diameter in inches. They date from c.1860. Both pieces are sprig moulded with classical subjects which include the ‘Cupid Seller’, and Pegasus. All of the reliefs are different and they are all very finely executed. The jasper dip glaze is a good, rich shade of blue. 

Both the jug and bowl are in excellent condition. 

Dimensions: Jug Height 6.2cm Width 7.2cm Diameter 5.5cm. Bowl Diameter 8.1cm. Height 5.2cm. 

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