Pale blue campana vase.

Pale blue campana vase.

Code: F18780


W: 11cm (4.3")H: 13cm (5.1")Di: 11cm (4.3")


A pale blue, jasper dip, campana vase. This piece has the impressed  marks 'WEDGWOOD' and the  letters 'WUS'. This is the three letter date code for the year 1864.  It also has a separate, impressed letter 'S' and an incised number '43'. It  is decorated  with Apollo and three of the Muses standing between trees. There are various foliate bands beneath the figures and also to the foot and the rim. All of the reliefs are very good quality. Originally this vase would have had a domed lid but this is now missing. However, it is still a very decorative vase and it is in excellent condition.
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