Wedgwood Blue Jasper Cheese Dome and Stand

Wedgwood Blue Jasper Cheese Dome and Stand

Code: J22245

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A Wedgwood, dark blue, jasper dip cheese dome and stand. Originally known as Stilton dishes, this small size would have been for a quarter of a stilton. This is marked “WEDGWOOD” and it dates from c.1860. It is also impressed with a number ‘4’, which would be a batch number, and a couple of small, workman’s marks. It is decorated with a continuous band of classical figures, trees and foliage. To the top is a band of oak leaves and acorns around a wide band of acanthus leaves. The oak leaf and acorn border is mirrored on the rim of the stand. All of the reliefs are good quality and the jasper dip is a rich shade of blue. There is some staining to the base but other than that both the cover and stand are in very good condition.

Dimensions overall: Diameter 24cm. Height 12cm. 

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