Wedgwood Cache Pot and Stand

Wedgwood Cache Pot and Stand

Code: J21913


A nineteenth century, Wedgwood, pale blue jasper dip cache pot and stand. Both pieces are marked “WEDGWOOD”. The cache pot is also impressed “HKV” and the stand is impressed “MNV”. Both of these are date codes for the year 1867. The first letter denotes the month of production so the pieces would have been made in different months although this could have been just a day apart. The cache pot is decorated, in relief, with a series of classical figures and trees. There is a border of convolvulus flowers and foliage to the rim and the same border to the stand. All of the reliefs are good quality and both the pot and stand are in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Stand: Diameter 18.8cm. Depth 2.5cm. Cache pot: Diameter 15.5cm. Height 16cm. 

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