Wedgwood Dark Blue Jasper Cups and Saucers

Wedgwood Dark Blue Jasper Cups and Saucers

Code: K23391

£94.00 each Approx $117.06, €109.3

A group of four Wedgwood, dark blue jasper dip tea cups and saucers. Although these are pictured together they are being sold individually. Each item is marked “WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND” and they date from c.1920. There are also various, impressed individual letters including ‘V’, ‘Y’, ‘D’, ‘E’,’T’, ‘C’ and ‘W’ but these are very random. Each item is finely decorated, in white relief, with bands of classical figures, trees and foliage. Three of the cups and saucers have identical reliefs but one is different. This can be seen in the images. All of the reliefs are very good quality and the jasper dip is a good, rich shade of blue. All items are in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Saucers: Diameter 13.7cm. Depth 1.8cm.  Cups: Diameter 8cm. Width 10cm. Depth 5.5cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £20. Most of Western Europe add £10