Wedgwood 'Doric' shaped jug

Wedgwood 'Doric' shaped jug

Code: F18768


W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 18.4cm (7.2")Di: 11cm (4.3")


A good quality, Wedgwood, dark blue jasper, 'Doric' shaped jug. This shape of jug was catalogued, by Wedgwood, as the Doric shape and this is a particularly good example. The base of the jug has numerous, impressed marks. These are: 'WEDGWOOD' , 'DORIC', 'DVQ', '24', 'S' and a registered design kite mark which dates the registration of the design to the 29th of November 1861. The three letter date code, 'DVQ', then dates the production of this jug to 1862. Unusually, this jug has a fine quality, silver mount which is hallmarked for Birmingham 1862. Usually the mounts were either silver plate or pewter. The silver mount has an attractive, chased design and the jug is decorated, in relief, with a band of classical figures offering sacrifices. The piece is in excellent condition.
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