Wedgwood mug made for Elkington

Wedgwood mug made for Elkington

Code: F18783


W: 12cm (4.7")H: 12.2cm (4.8")Di: 9.8cm (3.9")


A Wedgwood, dark blue, jasper dip, mug with a silver rim. The base of the jug has the impressed marks ‘WEDGWOOD’ and ‘ELKINGTON & CO LTD’. There are also two separate letters, a ‘W’ and an ‘E’. The silver rim has London silver assay mark for the year 1913 and it is also marked with the makers mark ‘E & Co’. These mugs were made, by Wedgwood, for Elkingtons, who then added the silver rims and retailed the items. The body of the jug is decorated, in relief, with classical figures and there is a medallion with two soldiers and two dates but the dates are difficult to make out. The piece is good quality and it is in excellent condition.
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