Wedgwood Portland Vase

Wedgwood Portland Vase

Code: H20588


An early Victorian, Wedgwood, dark blue, jasper dip Portland Vase. This is a very good example. It is marked “WEDGWOOD ETRURIA” and it dates from c.1840. It also has a small impressed mark which is known as the moustache mark. Both the classical relief  and the shape were copied from the original Portland vase which was Roman cameo glass. The original glass version is about 25cm high but Wedgwood made copies in a variety of sizes and colours throughout the history of the factory. 

This is quite an early example, dating from c.1840. The relief is very good quality and there are minimal firing faults in the relief. The jasper dip is a good, rich shade of blue and the vase is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Height: 20cm. Diameter 15cm. 

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