Wedgwood tray made for Caperns

Wedgwood tray made for Caperns

Code: F19713


W: 19cm (7.5")D: 4.6cm (1.8")L: 27.7cm (10.9")


A Wedgwood, dark blue jasper dip, tray. This has impressed marks ‘WEDGWOOD’, ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ and ‘CAPERNS LTD BRISTOL’. It is also impressed ‘11B34’ which dates it to 1934. It is decorated with a group of three birds on a branch and there is a border of leaves to the rim. Caperns were a company which made bird seed and this design was commissioned by Caperns, from Wedgwood, to be sold in Caperns shop in Bristol. The design is quite different to the usual relief decoration found on Wedgwood jasper wares and it is very attractive. 

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