Wedgwood Trophy Vase

Wedgwood Trophy Vase

Code: H20767


A Wedgwood, dark blue jasper dip Trophy Vase. This is marked “WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND” and it dates from c.1920. It is also impressed with a number ’10’, which relates to the size in inches, and the individual letters ‘W’ and ‘X’. This shape became known as a Trophy Vase due to the reliefs on the neck which always show either military or musical trophies hanging from ribbons. The body of the vase is decorated, in relief, with four of the Muses standing between trees and above this is a border of leaves. There are large acanthus leaves around the base. All of the reliefs are good quality and the jasper dip glaze is a rich shade of blue. The vase and socle are made as two separate pieces which are then bolted together. It is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Height 24.8cm. Diameter 11.5cm. 

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