18th Century  Plaque.

18th Century Plaque.

Code: F18507


H: 15cm (5.9")D: 1cm (0.4")L: 31cm (12.2")


A fine quality, Wedgwood, three colour jasper dip plaque. This piece is marked 'WEDGWOOD' and it dates from c.1790. The relief decoration is after designs by Lady Templeton. The colour combination of lime green and pale blue is most unusual in a plaque of this size. This colour combination was used, however, in diced ware and other three colour pieces of this period. The quality of the reliefs is exceptional, with fine details not only in the main subject but also in the borders. There is one larger chip and three very tiny chips to the top of the plaque. These can be seen in the images and they would all be lost if the plaque were framed. Other than this it is in very good condition. 
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