Large, Wedgwood, Green Jasper Campana Vase

Large, Wedgwood, Green Jasper Campana Vase

Code: J22596


A large, Wedgwood, pale green, jasper dip Campana vase. This has an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark and it dates from c.1850. Campana shaped vases were made, by Wedgwood, in various forms with either one or two lids, either solid or pierced. This form, with the single, pierced lid, would have been used for boughs of flowers. The body of the vase is decorated, in white relief, with four of the Muses standing between trees and flowers. There are various, foliate borders, both above and beneath the main decoration, and the lid is decorated with small, stylised flowers and long, acanthus leaves. All of the reliefs are good quality and both the vase and cover are in excellent condition, with no damage or restoration.

Dimensions: Height 33cm. Diameter 21.5cm. 

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