Pair of Wedgwood Green Jasper Urns

Pair of Wedgwood Green Jasper Urns

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A pair of Wedgwood, green jasper dip, urns and covers. These are both marked “WEDGWOOD” and they date from c.1840. Each urn is decorated, in relief, with a central band of classical maidens and this relief is known as the “Dancing Hours”. It is a relief that was very popular and was frequently used on plaques, bowls and vases. There are various classical and foliate borders, both above and beneath the main relief and the lids are decorated with a band of leaves. The reliefs are all good quality and in good condition. To the shoulders of the urns are twin handles which have terminals in the shape of Bacchus heads. The urns were made in three sections, the body, the socle and the plinth, and these are bolted together. 

Unfortunately, there is restoration to one of the urns. The lid has extensive restoration and one of the handles has been broken off and is glued in three places.

The other urn is in very good condition. There is just a small, firing line at the base of one of the handles but this does not go through to the underside.

Dimensions of each urn:  Height 23cm. Diameter 10.5cm. 

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