Rare Set of 18th Century Wedgwood Plaques

Rare Set of 18th Century Wedgwood Plaques

Code: K23383


A stunning set of 18th century, Wedgwood plaques, mounted and set onto velvet in an original ebonised wooden frame. This delightful collection of small plaques includes a very rare example which is titled “LE DESPOTISME A BATTU” which translates as “despotism is defeated” and it is dated ‘1789’. This is in dark blue jasper, as are the other two in the same row which include the largest, a portrait of Louis XVI of France. The other blue jasper plaque is portrait of Jacques Necker who was a French banker and statesman and this plaque was produced by Wedgwood in 1789. 

The smaller plaques, which include the oval, an eight sided and four tiny ones, are all various classical subjects in three colour jasperware. Five are lilac, blue and white and the sixth is green, lilac and white. The very small, octagonal plaque is double sided. 

Le despotism a battu has a very tiny chip to the rim as does the rectangular plaque with canted corners and the very small oval plaque. This can be seen in the images as we have had them all out of the frame. The others are all in excellent condition. They are all marked “WEDGWOOD” and would have been assembled c.1789. The velvet surround shows signs of wear consistent with age and there is a split on the wooden frame. 

It is rare to find a collection like this still in its’ original surround and in such good condition.

Dimensions: Overall Length of frame 31cm. Height of frame 23.3cm. Depth of frame 1.5cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K. shipping to the U.S.A. and most of Western Europe.