Rare, Wedgwood wall lights.

Rare, Wedgwood wall lights.

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A rare pair of Wedgwood, green jasper dip wall lights. These are both marked “WEDGWOOD” and they date from c.1890. They were originally made and wired for electricity. As electric lights only came into homes in the 1870’s these were made quite early in the history of electric lighting. 

These were exceptional shapes to be making in pottery and, as such, they did encounter some difficulties in the firing. This is possibly why so few were made and, due to this, there are firing faults where the arms meet the wall plate. The green jasper dip is a very attractive shade of lime green. This is an unusual colour for Wedgwood pottery and they were possibly made for a special order. We have only ever seen one pair in the past and this was probably about 25 years ago. They were exactly the same form and colour and possible came from the same house. The reliefs, which are good quality, are well designed to fit with the shaping of the wall lights.

They have probably been in use until quite recently as we bought them complete with the fittings to take bulbs, bulbs and shades. However, if you wanted to put them back into use they would have to be properly re-wired.

Dimensions: The jasper section of each one is 18cm high by 23.5cm wide and would stand out 13.5cm from the wall.

They are both in excellent condition.

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