Wedgwood Plaque of Hymen

Wedgwood Plaque of Hymen

Code: H20988


A Wedgwood, green jasper dip plaque depicting Hymen who was the god of marriage and son of Apollo. This has an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark and it dates from c.1840.  It is framed in a simple gilt frame which is backed so the marks can no longer be seen. The jasperware has a smooth finish but there is very slight staining to the green dip colour. The white relief is deeply moulded and the subject matter is quite unusual to find on a plaque. There are, however, a number of firing faults in the relief which are from the manufacture. The piece is in good condition.

Dimensions overall, including the frame: Height 19cm. Width 14.2cm. Depth 2cm. 

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