Wedgwood, Shield Shape, Green Jasper Vase

Wedgwood, Shield Shape, Green Jasper Vase

Code: J22617

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A super quality, Wedgwood, pale green, jasper dip, two handled vase. This is marked “WEDGWOOD ENGLAND” and it dates from c.1900. The shield shaped body of the vase is decorated, in white relief, with classical scenes in cartouches. From the handles hang deep, and well detailed, garlands of flowers and there are various classical border designs to both the neck and the base of the vase. The handles are an elaborate scroll form in white jasper. There is a firing line in one of the white frames which surrounds a cartouche and the tips of two of the leaves in the floral relief are missing. This is very minimal and probably from the manufacture, where the relief has not attached fully in the firing. Otherwise the piece is in very good condition. These minor faults can be seen in the images.

Dimensions: Height 24cm. Diameter 13.5cm. Width 16.5cm. 

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