Drabware Jug.

Drabware Jug.

Code: E18178


W: 13.3cm (5.2")H: 9.3cm (3.7")D: 9.2cm (3.6")


A Wedgwood, drab stoneware jug with blue relief. This jug is marked 'WEDGWOOD' and it dates from c.1830. It has a couple of other impressed letters but these are quite difficult to make out. The colour of the jug is one which Wedgwood reffered to as drabware. This could vary in colour from a dark beige through to almost an olivey green. The relief is a very finely moulded band of flowers in a vibrant shade of blue. The piece is very good quality and it is in good condition. There is a small chip on the rim but this is glazed over so it was done in the manufacture.
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