Miniature, Wedgwood Creamware Dishes

Miniature, Wedgwood Creamware Dishes

Code: K22797

£92.00 for the set of 4 Approx $113.86, €106.85

A set of four, Wedgwood, miniature creamware dishes from a child’s service. These are all marked “WEDGWOOD”, one also has an impressed number ‘9’ and another has a large letter ‘U’. They are very lightly potted and they date from c.1790. Originally they would have been a part of a large child’s dinner or dessert service and they would have been serving dishes. They are all in excellent condition.

Dimensions: No. 1: Length 8.8cm. Width 6cm. Depth 3cm. No. 2: Length 7.9cm. Width 5.7cm. Depth 2.2cm. No. 3: Length 7.9cm. Width 5.6cm. Depth 2.3cm. No. 4: Length 7cm. Width 4.5cm. Depth 2.8cm.

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