Rare Wedgwood Core Mould and Cover

Rare Wedgwood Core Mould and Cover

Code: J22408


A rare, and fine quality, Wedgwood creamware core mould and cover. 

These spectacular pieces were a sign of affluence which graced the tables of the aristocracy and nobility in the 18th century. A clear, flavoured aspic would be put into the plain, creamware cover and the decorated, central core was then put into the spic. The aspic would then be allowed to set and the cover was removed before taking the aspic to the table. It was then displayed as a table centrepiece, with the decoration being magnified through the aspic, and slithers of the aspic would be cut and eaten between the courses of a meal as a palette cleanser.

This example is marked “WEDGWOOD” and it dates from c.1780. Not only is it rare to find the two parts still together but the design on the central core is also most unusual. It is hand painted, in a typical Imari coloured palette of orange, yellow, green and blue, with flowers and foliage. The outer cover, which can often be very plain in form, is a fabulous reeded shape with a spiral top. Both parts are lightly potted in creamware. Overall, the condition is remarkable. There is a small chip to the top of the core and there are a couple of glaze cracks to the cover but these are the only faults. These can be seen in the images. There is no restoration. It has probably seen very little use as the decoration is still in excellent, bright condition with no rubbing to the enamels.

Dimensions: Core: Height 21.2cm. Diameter 17.3cm. Cover: Height 23.8cm. Diameter 16.3cm.  

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