Rare Wedgwood tile

Rare Wedgwood tile

Code: F18977


W: 20.6cm (8.1")H: 20.6cm (8.1")D: 1.2cm (0.5")


A very interesting Wedgwood, majolica tile. This piece is marked, in the casting of the tile, ‘JOSIAH WEDGWOOD & SONS ETRURIA PATENT IMPRESSED TILE’. I have not seen this mark on a tile before. There is also a painted mark ‘V848’. It dates from c.1870. The centre of the tile is moulded with a bust of an eighteenth century gentleman who could be J.S.Bach or G.F. Handel. This is covered in a tan coloured majolica glaze. Around this is a moulded border which is coloured in turquoise and tan majolica glazes. The overall effect is most unusual and this is a rare tile. It is in very good condition. 
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