Stoneware vase with lilac relief

Stoneware vase with lilac relief

Code: F18849


H: 17.4cm (6.9")Di: 14.7cm (5.8")


A unusual coloured, Wedgwood, smear glazed stoneware, trumpet shaped vase with lilac relief. This piece is impressed 'WEDGWOOD' and it dates from c.1830. There is also a small workman's mark, which is sometimes referred to as a moustache mark, and two letters 'RR'.  The vase is finely potted, in a white stoneware, and this has a smear glaze. The lilac relief, which is applied after the first firing, has a matt finish. and all the reliefs are very well detailed. There are two very tiny chips to the foot of the vase but other than that it is in very good condition. It no longer has the pierced lid which would sit onto the rim inside the vase to support flowers. 
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