Wedgwood Caneware Crater Vases

Wedgwood Caneware Crater Vases

Code: H20863


A fine pair of early 19th century, Wedgwood cane ware, crater vases with pierced inner covers. These were made as pot pourri vases and, originally there would have been solid, flat lids beneath the pierced covers. The solid lids held in the fragrance of the pot pourri and would have been removed when you wanted the fragrance to escape. The inner lids are now missing. With the inner lids they can also be used for flower arranging. Each vase is marked “WEDGWOOD” and they date from c.1830. They are also impressed with two letters ”RK” which would be the workman’s mark. They are relief decorated, in brown jasper, with bands of grapes and vines to the rim and classical, floral designs to the bases. The colour combination is quite delightful and the quality of the relief decoration is fine.

Condition: One vase has four very small chips to the square foot. The other is in excellent condition. One pierced lid has two very small chips to the rim but the other has been broken into a number or pieces and is now glued. There has been no attempt at restoration. We are selling these with a further, white stoneware lid which fits the vase and can be used if you wanted to use the vases for floral displays.

Dimensions: Each vase: Diameter 17.8cm. Overall width 25.5cm. Height 19cm.

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