Wedgwood Caneware Game Pie Dish

Wedgwood Caneware Game Pie Dish

Code: J22584


A Wedgwood, caneware, game pie dish and cover. This is marked “WEDGWOOD” and it is also impressed with the letters “CTD”. This is the three letter date code for the year of manufacture which was 1875. The dish would originally have had a liner which would have been put into the oven containing a game casserole. When cooked it would be placed into the dish and taken to the table. The cane coloured earthenware dish was made to resemble pastry. It was developed when there was a shortage of flour in the 18th century but these dishes remained popular well into the 19th century. 

This example is moulded with dead game and the lid has a rabbit as the finial. It is quite a small example and it is in excellent condition. Although it no longer has a liner it could still be used for taking a casserole to the table.

Dimensions: Length 22.5cm. Width 16.6cm. Height 12.5cm.

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