Wedgwood jug & bowl set

Wedgwood jug & bowl set

Code: G20220


A Wedgwood, late creamware jug and bowl set comprising  large jug and bowl, small jug and bowl and two soap dishes with pierced covers. This was put together over a number of years as the marks do vary. Each piece has an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark but there are various date letter codes which date the pieces from the earliest, which is the small bowl from 1905, to the latest, which is the large jug from the 1920’s. The items all bare the same pattern number “B2122” and this design was produced for sale by T Goode & Co. in London. Each piece is decorated with a border of grapes and vines in green and purple enamels.

Condition: All items are perfect except for the small bowl which has a piece of the rim riveted back in place and a star crack to the base. The smaller soap dish is lacking it’s outer cover.

Dimensions: Large bowl: Diameter 41cm. Depth 13cm. Large Jug: Height 29cm. Small bowl: Diameter 23.8cm. Depth 8.5cm. Small Jug: Height 18.5cm. Large soap dish: Diameter 18.2cm. Small soap dish: Diameter 14cm. 

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