Wedgwood Pearlware Dessert Service

Wedgwood Pearlware Dessert Service

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A Wedgwood pearlware, part dessert service dating from c.1830. This service comprises seventeen pieces, thirteen plates and four shaped dishes. Each plate has an impressed “WEDGWOOD” mark and an additional impressed “D D” which would be a workman’s mark. The dishes are also impressed “WEDGWOOD” but they have a different workman’s mark in the form of four impressed dots and a letter “J”. They also have a pattern number written in script “No1129”, two in pink enamel and two in gilt.

Each piece is very lightly potted in creamware and then decorated with a blue transfer print, in the oriental manner, which is coloured in dark blue, yellow, pink and gilt. This is a very attractive design and it is finely executed.

All of the pieces are in excellent condition but one of the shaped dishes has slight staining.

Dimensions: Plates:  Diameter 20.5cm. Depth 2cm. Dishes: Length 21.7cm. Width 21.3cm. Depth 3.5cm.

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