19th century gingerbread mould carved with animals.

19th century gingerbread mould carved with animals.

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A 19th century gingerbread mould. This is carved, probably in walnut, with animals to one side and knotted shapes, like pretzels, to the other. It is possibly Dutch and dates from c.1830.  The animals carvings are fun, and typical of the period, and every one of the knotted biscuit shapes has a different carved design. In the early recipes for gingerbread it was not baked, like it is today, but it was boiled and then poured into the moulds to set. 

Dimensions: Length 60.5cm. Width 11.2cm. Depth 3cm.

Condition: There are numerous woodworm holes and some loss, due to worm damage, to the corners. The worm has been treated and is no longer active. 

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