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Copper and Brass Grain Measure


Code: E17789


W: 38cm (15")H: 22.2cm (8.7")D: 29.8cm (11.7")

Price includes postage within the U.K.  Shipping to the U.S.A.  add £25  Western Europe  add £10.

A good quality, and very ornate, French copper and brass grain measure dating from c.1860. The shape of these measures was designed to resemble a drum and the banding, to the rim, base and sides of the measure is in brass, giving a nice contrast to the copper. It has long, copper, hollow handles to either side. Often, as these were utility items, they can be very plain but this example has an attractive pattern worked into the copper. This has been created by the use of a small tool which has punched circular marks into the copper in both straight and wavy lines. The piece is in excellent condition and it would make an interesting waste paper bin or jardiniere.