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Wooden Pie Moulds


Code: E18179


Three wooden moulds for making hand raised pies. This type of mould was used, typically, for making pork pies. The pastry would be cut into a circle, the mould would be placed in the middle of the pastry, and then the pastry was formed up around the side of the mould. The mould would then be removed, the inside of the pie filled, a pastry lid put on the top and the rim crimped together. These three are all turned from beechwood but are now decorative rather than usable as they all have cracks in the wood. They vary in shape and size but they all date from between 1860 and 1880. The central one is particularly large, being 15.8cm. (6 1/4in) diameter by 21.5cm. (8 1/2in) high. The one to the right of the image is 10.5cm. (4 1/8in) diameter by 13.7cm. (5 3/8in) high.  The smallest is sold.
Price includes postage within the U.K.  Shipping to the U.S.A.  add £30 for the large one, £20 for the other.  Western Europe  add   £10 each.