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Carved love token


Code: F18713


W: 5.2cm (2")H: 7.7cm (3")L: 27.5cm (10.8")

An interesting, carved wooden scoop. This piece is carved in beechwood and dates from the late nineteenth century, probably c.1880. It would have been a difficult piece to carve due to the square lines of the scope section. The handle is very finely carved with flowers and the word 'AMITIE'. It is French and it translates as 'friendship'. This would have been carved and given as a love token  in the same way that the Welsh carved love spoons. The carver was obviously, by the quality of the item, a very skilled wood carver. The open end of the scoop is slightly worn as the piece has been used. It is in excellent condition and the wood has an attractive, pale patina.
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