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Huge 19th century sugar bowls


Code: E18138

Two very large, 19th century French copper sugar bowls with steel stands. The steel stands for these are new. We have had them made as they make the bowls extremely useful for large floral, or other, displays. There are slight differences to the pieces so they were priced individually. We have now sold the smaller bowl with the smooth finish, so only the larger one is available. It is a very heavy, good quality piece  with the typical French shape of brass handle to either side and it dates  from c.1870.
It is the bowl on the left and it has a slightly planished finish. It is 53cm. diameter but the overall dimensions, when it is in the stand are 63cm. wide, 53cm. diameter by 56cm. high. 
It has a brazed seam in the base, as it has been made in two sections, and it is in excellent condition. 
Price includes delivery within the U.K. For shipping elsewhere please request a quote.