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Rare enamelled basalt bowls


Code: F19132

A pair of fine quality, Wedgwood, enamelled basalt bowls. The decoration on these bowls is similar to the raised enamelling on Wedgwood's Capriware which dates from 1815 onwards. However, on these bowls, although the designs are similar, the enamelling is more subtle and there are also borders of encaustic painting.  The encaustic decoration was popular in the 18th century, so this would suggest that the bowls date from the very early 19th century, c.1810, showing a transition from the encaustic wares to the later Capriware. Both bowls are impressed 'WEDGWOOD' and they also have an impressed workman's mark which is known as the moustache mark. The basalt is very fine quality and the decoration is beautifully executed. They are both in excellent condition. One bowl is 16.5cm diameter by 6.3cm high and the other is 16.3cm diameter by 6.2cm high.
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