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Set of decorative, 19th century, copper saucepans.


Code: F18989

A decorative, set of nine, English copper saucepans on a wrought iron stand. These are a matched set, but they all have exactly the same form of English, triangular, steel fittings to the handles which were used by most English manufacturers in the 19th century. They all have castellated seams around the base and up the sides, and they are all made from a heavy gauge of copper.They all date between 1860 and 1880 and the stand is also Victorian, dating from c.1890. It has been re-painted. The saucepans are well graduated, ranging in size from 28cm diameter down to 12cm. diameter, and the stand is 180 cm. high. There are varying makers marks and owners marks on the pans. The second to largest is engraved ‘C.H.H.’, a previous owners initials. The third to largest has a Jones Brothers, manufacturer’s mark and the engraved initials ‘G.C.W.’  The second to smallest has a Temple and Crook manufacturer’s marks and the engraved initials ‘E.H.’ The third from smallest has the orb and cross symbol used by Benham’s to the base. All of these marks should be visible in the images. The saucepans all look very impressive but they are not in good enough condition for us to re-tin as many of the bases are not flat. The largest pan has a split to the base and another around the lid and there are very tiny dents to the lid of the smallest pan. However, the overall impression is impressive.
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