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French copper turbotiere and drainer


Code: F19451

A 19th century, French copper turbotiere, or turbot kettle, and drainer. This shape of pan was for cooking turbot, hence the shape and the name. Some had lids whilst others didn’t. This one was designed not to have a lid as the handles of the drainer extend above the sides of the pan. It is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and it has castellated seams around the base and up the side. The handles are cast in brass and the piece dates from c.1860. It is in excellent condition and, although we have not had it re-tinned, the tinning is still in very good condition so it could be used. The pan measures 47cm. long by 38.7cm wide by 11.7cm. high and overall, including the handles, it is 54.8cm. long by 14.4cm. high.

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