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French, coopered oak measures

£315.00 for the pair Approx $407.5, €345.02

Code: F18663

A super pair of 19th century, French, coopered oak measures. These are not a true pair, although they do look good together, so they can be purchased separately. They both, originally, had a steel bar across the top. They could be lifted by that but also it prevented anything stacked on the top of the measure from squashing the contents, so they were possibly for measuring and storing grapes. This has been removed so that they are now more useful as large jardinieres. Both are bound with steel. One has long, elliptical fittings on the handles whereas the other has a more ornate, keyhole shaped fitting. The one with the keyhole shaped fitting also has a measure mark on the side. The top section has been obscured but the lower section is marked ’1/2 M’.  The plainer example is 44.5cm. diameter by 55 cm. wide by 29 cm. high and the other is 46 cm. diameter by 54 cm. wide by 28.5cm. high. Purchased individually they are £155 for the plainer example and £175 for the marked example with the keyhole shaped fittings.

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