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18th century, wooden gingerbread mould


Code: H20618

An interesting, 18th century, wooden gingerbread mould. One side is carved with 18th century figures at various pursuits, one man pushing a wheelbarrow, one pulling a cart and another with what looks like a large knife grinder. To the other side are two musicians, a milkmaid churning the milk and a stag. All of the carvings are slightly primitive in style, as were most of this type of mould. It is probably Dutch and dates from c.1780.

There is a piece of wood missing, from near to the feet of the trumpeter, and there are a few woodworm holes. Otherwise it is tin good condition. This type of mould was used for setting the gingerbread which was boiled rather than baked like the gingerbread that we are familiar with today.

Dimensions: Length 51.2cm.  Width 12.7cm. Depth 2.4cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £30. Most of Western Europe add £15.