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French Crystal Apothecary Jars


Code: J21704

A good set of seven, decorative, 19th century, French crystal storage jars with later apothecary’s labels. These jars are made from a nice quality crystal and they date form c.1880. Although matching, they vary slightly in size. The tallest is 27cm. high and the shortest is 25.6cm high. The widest is 13cm. diameter and the narrowest is 12cm diameter. The apothecary labels are not original to the jars. It is probable that the jars were put into use in an apothecary in the 1930’s and this is when the labels date from. The brightly coloured labels are printed in black with the name of the contents and this is edged in gilt and iron red giving a very attractive, decorative look.

Condition: The jar labelled “Armoise” has a short, captive crack to the lid and the glass is slightly frosted. 

The jar labelled “Creme de Tartre” has slight frosting to the glass.

The label on “Feuilles d’Eucalyptus” is worn.

Otherwise all are in good condition.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £100.  Most of Western Europe add £50.